About us

About Us

Pixy Games UK is run and owned by Jay Sears.


Jay started playing board games from his younger years which began with the likes of Manopoly, Cluedo, Chess and Subbuteo to name just a few. This then led onto computer console games with the Amstrad CPC 464 and then the Sega Mega Drive.


Jay became more interested in the strategy and sports games by the time he reached his teens and It wasn't too long when Jay got into PC gaming in 1993 with the likes of Hospital, Warcraft and Championship Manager. As games consoles and PC gaming advanced Jay became disinterested in them, preferring the old nostalgia feel of gaming and stuck with Football Manager going forward.


Jay renewed his interest in board gaming by playing Small World, Agricola, Pandemic and 221b Baker Street to name a few, after his father sent him a prototype of "Scandal" he made. From this he began designing his own and came up with numerous gaming concepts that had a strategic game play. It was a fun and exciting project.


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