Release Date: Kickstarter September 2019


No. Players: 2-3 (best with 3)


Playing Time: 1.5hr


Destruction is a 3 player game of team work to protect the world against one player inflicting damage. 2 players each take on two roles and work together as a team while another player takes on the role of the destroyer. The game involves strategic thinking and tactics Cards and tokens are used throughout the game to create a good balanced mix, and the game is suitable for ages 12+. There will be both a standard and special edition versions of the game, however these will first be made available on our Kickstarter campaign and will not be in the shops while our campaign is live.


The Roles:


One player goes the Crymanist (one pawn), while two players go the Scientists (two pawns), Workers (two pawns) and Relocator (uses relocation tokens instead of a pawn).


The Crymanist creates havoc around the world by inflicting damage through the course of placing natural forces on regions.


The Research Scientist has to carry out research to enable the other player to do their job.

The Resource Scientist has to find the correct resources to enable the process of creating the protections.


The Tools Worker's job is to collect the appropriate tools so that the protections can be made.

The Development Worker has the finall job of developing the protections for regions.


The Relocator's job is to relocate populations so that neither one reachers the danger zone on the damage tracker.



How The Game Works:


At the begining of the game each player is given special cards to use throughout, adding more dynamics and twists. The 2 player team (and can be controlled by just one player if only two people are available) are given a starting credit pot of 10. There are 3 different ways to gain more credits throughout the game as these are vital in developing protections. Quest cards are used at intervals throughout and give the protection team an opportunity to earn credits, but fail and lose credits. The regions throughout the game are tracked on how much damage they are receiving and if they reach the red zone that could be the end of the region. HQ is placed on one of the regions and it must be protected at all costs, failure to do so will mean the game is lost.


The players that are working together must do exactly that, in order of play: research must be carried out before the resource for the protection can be collected, then the tools stage occurs and finally the protection card is developed. It costs credits to develop a protection and players must do there best to increase the credit pot. The Crymanist on the other has a free role of inflicting as much damage as possible, by going around the world to create natural forces and places these on the regions. The relocator has a vital job in moving populations around so that the regions can be kept out of the danger zone, especially where HQ is.


Each region is affected by a particular type of natural force, so not all regions can be affected by the same type. This is also the same for protections, where there are 5 different types related to each of the natural forces. Natural forces have an unlimited time on the regions, however they can be dislodged by the protections once they are developed. Protections on the other hand have a limited time spam of 3 rounds. Time and credits is of the essence to develop these protections.


In addition to the game mechanics already briefly discussed players can also collect fortuity cards during game play, that brings either good or bad results.



Objective Of The Game:


The Crymanist must destroy either 8 regions or destroy the region with HQ on by the end of 12 rounds. The protection team must protect at least 7 regions by the end.

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