Games In Development


A strategic semi co-op euro game, where one player takes on the role of the Crymanist causing desctruction around the world, while the other players work together to try and save the world.


Scandal is a light euro game of rivalry and strategic thinking, where players are MP leaders of their political parties, aiming to become prime minister through outwitting opponents to gain public votes.


Animal Race is an exciting racing game where you select an animal, choose your preferred route and roll the correct number of dice to move along the chosen track. There are various icons on the board with each one providing a different outcome and you can change lane on route when a gap appears.


You aim to pick up carrots along the way and finishing in the top 3 earns you more carrots as a reward. But don’t worry! If you come last you are still rewarded with a carrot. The player with the most carrots after 2 races wins; there are two sides to the board for a unique competitive race.

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