Release Date: TBC


No. Players: 2 to 6


Playing Time: 2hr

Scandal is game of rivalry and strategic thinking, where players are MP leaders of their political parties, aiming to become prime minister through outwitting opponents to gain public votes in this exciting euro game. Players have 4 actions per round and travel around the UK landing on action spaces to gain its benefits. Addtional actions are available but most can only be used once, so timing could be key. Landing on own head quarters provides more options and scandelous outcomes, with the opportunity to outwit your opponants and prevent break-away leaders.


Press plays a fundeental importance to the way politics works and it is no differenmmce in the game. Four press cards are laid out at all times and players aim to please the press by meeting their demands. Succeeed and move up the press tracker, but fail and feel the pressure of not gaining votes. If a player cannot meet the outcome of the top press card, they can go down the list of press to the one of their choice, from the four laid out, leaving money on each press card that is passed. Gaining press infleunce allows players to collect infleunce cubes that are placed on the infleunce map, in exchange of votes at the end of the game.


Players begin the game with money and 2 objective cards. These cards give players the option of meeting their secrete objetive that provides rewards or simply ignoring them to concentrate on gaining votes the traditonal way. The game ends after 12 rounds. The candidate with the most influence cubes on the influence chart (including bonuses for meeting the objective card outcomes) at the end wins the game and becomes prime minister.


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